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Experience and dedication you can trust. High-quality work and personal service to give you the results you deserve. 

About Us

Our Heart for People

We believe in the rights of people as defined by the constitution. Compassion and experience together provide peace of mind. 

Our Passion for Justice

This broken world cries out for justice and,  as your advocates, we diligently pursue justice for you. No matter your circumstances, Bass and Tigner, P.C. implements strategies and applies the law efficaciously as we fight for  the results you deserve.  

Our Experience as Your Advocate

Dedication and purpose are the driving forces for Brooks Bass and Shannon Tigner. Formalizing their partnership in 2010, these two savvy attorneys joined their considerable experience and then surrounded themselves with the brightest the state had to offer: retired Judge Ogden Bass of Counsel and Rodney Wiseman of Counsel, as well as an attorney liaison and four exceptional staff members. All together they represent nearly 100 years combined legal expertise. 

Bass, a graduate of South Texas Law and Tigner, a graduate of St. Mary’s University, established their commitment to the people of Brazoria County when they returned to their home town and set up shop separately. 

 Once they joined forces, the county gained a true asset: a law firm dedicated to the people’s representational needs and to justice. 

Together, this dynamic team cover many types of specializations: family law, criminal defense, juvenile law, social security appeals, estate planning, and they often serve as local counsel by attorneys geographically removed from Brazoria County. 

The wisdom of this partnership is in the strategic markup of their extended team. First, Attorneys of Counsel are men or women with extensive knowledge and experience in law and are often referred to as “walking, living law libraries.” Not one, but two men fill this roll at Bass and Tigner. Their extensive advise, experience, and drive are put to great use for the people Bass and Tigner represent. 

No team would be complete without the amazing support staff at the firm. An investigator, legal secretaries, and one office administrator make this well-rounded team hum with efficiency. 

These dedicated men and women are the best legal team in Brazoria County. No one wants to hire a lawyer. It is often more complicated than a want: it is often a necessity. 

Whether you need a lawyer to defend your innocence in court, protect your children through a messy divorce, represent you to the government through the Social Security Appeals process, or plan your estate, this is the firm you need. Their whole purpose is to get you the results and peace of mind you deserve. 

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Our Team

Brooks Bass

Brooks Bass

Born and raised in Freeport, Texas, Brooks Bass graduated from Brazosport High School, Texas A&M, and South Texas College of Law. Marrying his high school sweetheart, Stephanie Uherek 28 years ago and is the father of Caroline Ivy Bass and Brooks Lee Bass, Jr. 

As a child, Brooks' life was saturated with the law. His father, and now one of the attorneys of counsel, retired Judge Ogden Bass, served as District Attorney and then as a judge while Brooks grew up. On the days he went into work with his dad he looked forward to the great cheeseburgers offered at the Courthouse Cafe. Perhaps it was in the halls of the courthouse he gained his love of the law, or maybe it was around his dinner table, but for Brooks, it was either become 

a lawyer or Texas Ranger. Watching his father counsel others, and impact their lives, (often in the most challenging times) pushed him toward practicing the law and not just enforcing it as a Ranger.


“My father always said, ‘I’m a public servant, not a politician,’ and that idea along with having an excellent example of volunteerism from my mother, led me to the idea of pursuing a career in the legal field as a lawyer, and not in law enforcement as a Texas Ranger,” explains Brooks. 

Watching his parent’s commitment to the community birthed a desire to serve in Brooks as well. He is active throughout the county in many volunteer roles including serving in his church on the board, serving as the former Boys and Girls club President, former City of Freeport Economic Development Corporation, Cradle of Texas Emmaus Community and many active volunteer roles, like serving as a Freeport Lions Club member and a volunteer instructor at Alvin Police Academy. 

Brooks’ commitment to this community extends to his clients. As firm believers in the Sixth Amendment, both Bass and Tigner believe in the rights of citizens - which guarantees the accused the right to counsel, regardless of innocence or guilt. 

This love of the law and people is behind Brooks’ dedication to every client they take on. This advocacy is at the heart of 

every case - criminal or otherwise. Every person deserves excellent representation they can trust; they deserve results,

and that is the purpose of Bass and Tigner, P.C. 

Shannon Tigner

Shannon Tigner

Life-long Angleton resident, Shannon Tigner, graduated with honors in 1988 from Angleton High School where she lettered in volleyball, basketball, and track. That competitive spirit and discipline helped her win a softball scholarship to St. Mary’s University where she again graduated with honors. Once she completed undergrad, Shannon entered law school at St. Mary’s and graduated in 1995. After passing the bar the same year, she returned to her hometown.

For more than 20 years Shannon has practiced law in Brazoria County and as her family grew, so did her sense of community. She volunteers as a baseball and basketball coach for her sons - Caleb and Reagan- teams. Additionally, Shannon served as PTO President for a season. 

Her sense of community began as a child when she watched her grandfather carry out his duties for more than a decade as a County Judge. Public service is a family vocation. Her aunt, Ro’Vin Garrett, was elected and has served as Brazoria County’s Tax Assessor-Collector since 2001- the first woman to hold that position since 1918. Not only do Shannon’s Brazoria County roots run deep, so does her commitment to serve the people within it. 

With that dedication and focus, she teamed with Brooks Bass, since they shared a people-first philosophy. Together their combined expertise makes the most efficient team to serve clients. In 2010 they formed Bass and Tigner, P.C. specializing in criminal and family law with proficiencies in social security claims, wills, estates, and personal injury. 


Our Associates

(Clockwise from Left to Right)

Joe Ortiz, Stacia Marek, Laura Roman, and Norma Jefferson

Our team is dedicated to our clients and to justice. These diligent and experienced men and women get the job done and keep the wheels of justice greased. They are a vital part of our office and your first contact is often with one of them. 

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